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What is Enterprise Search Software?

Enabling your team to locate and leverage information, documentation, and data throughout your organization is Enterprise Search. With the integration and connection of disparate data sources, Enterprise Search significantly reduces the resources invested locating actionable information. By indexing, collating, and delivering unified search results, Enterprise Search empowers teams to find the correct and actionable information. Not only does an internal search program enable faster time-to-action when seeking information but it also reduces duplicative work and increases the efficacy of asynchronous collaboration.  

There are three key elements ensuring an Enterprise Search solution is impactful for an organization: 

  1. Relevant Data Sources

    The solution must have access to all the relevant and necessary data, information, and documents used by your team. An Enterprise Search solution will only be impactful to teams when they can find the right information. Without indexing and connecting all necessary data sources information is lost in your digital ecosystem, reducing the efficacy of search results that can be surfaced. An aspect of the right information is also ensuring that pre-existing data, documents, and information permissions are inherited and respected by the search results.

  2. Speed and Timeliness

    Speed is paramount to ensure teams can use an Enterprise Search solution in the flow of work without interruption. A slow solution will not be adopted or trusted. The other aspect of trust in a solution is that results must be reliable and actionable. Outdated, inaccessible, or stale search results will erode trust in the solution and significantly reduce internal search adoption throughout an organization. Without widespread utilization and adoption an enterprise search solution will have limited organizational impact. 

  3. Tech Stack Compatibility

    There is no improvement in adding additional workflow steps and processes when adopting Enterprise Search technology. Teams should be able to leverage the solution in pre-existing software that is already part of the current tech stack. By leveraging user-experiences and software already used in organizations an Enterprise Search solution that delivers results directly to users in communication platforms like Slack are easy to implement, adopt, and utilize. 

According to McKinsey’s Social Economy Report “The average interaction worker spends an estimated …  twenty percent [weekly] looking for internal information…”. Twenty percent of a knowledge worker’s week is one whole day of productivity lost to searching for information and documentation. That direct time-cost is the problem Enterprise Search is solving - it reduces the time spent looking for and leveraging actionable information.

As companies continue to implement and utilize cloud solutions like Google Drive, Confluence, OneNote, Zendesk and other disparate data systems, the sheer quantity of locations that could potentially contain valuable information increases. Unless strict document and information management protocols are developed, deployed, and enforced, organizations will find a huge quantity of stale, duplicated, or outdated data throughout their organization. Couple the information proliferation with the asynchronous communication style of distributed workforces and the time-cost of searching for and finding information grows daily in modern organizations. Enterprise Search software seeks to reduce the friction, significantly reduce the time required, and eliminate information silos that exist across platforms and service providers.


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