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Optimize Document Management with Enterprise Search Software

Documents, files, images, data, and information live everywhere. Companies big and small leverage a whole host of document management and storage solutions - from Box and Sharepoint to Google Drive or self-hosted intranets. Cloud storage solutions make access easier, ensuring global teams can access and leverage the same assets. However, the sprawl of information and data locations makes finding relevant and actionable insights difficult and time consume. 

Managing the various cloud or on-premise information locations can take a great deal of time, energy, and resources to adequately support. That support is a consistent demand and requires constant iteration and evolution of policies and procedures. However, the linchpin in all document management software and associated procedures comes down to individual employee compliance. 

Leverage these best practices to optimize Document Management System utilization:

  1. Document Classification: Create a clear classification system for documents and ensure that everyone in the organization understands it. This will make it easier to search and find specific documents. 

  2. Workflows: Use the Document Management System to automate manual tasks, such as document approval processes, reducing the risk of human error. 

  3. Reduce Duplication: Ensure organization-wide access so individuals and teams do not need to recreate documents or duplicate information. 
  4. Facilitate Searchability: Leverage an Enterprise Search Software like Arrchiver to ensure your Document Management contents are accessible and searchable in the flow of work.  

Each organization is unique and has individual complexities. While complexities can be challenging to scale as organizations grow, reduce the difficulties of scaling document management solutions by ensuring information is easily accessibile. Reduce the silos data persist in and ensure actionable-insights can be quickly and easily surfaced. 


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